​​​Just the Place Rustic Barn Wedding Venue

Rustic Barn Wedding Venue in Topeka, KS area.

​The main level of the barn is about four feet above the lower level.  The view between the two levels is completely open with a rail between the two.  The four large window openings facing the outside dance floor and fire pit may be left open or closed.  Every room or space in the barn has a ground level door to the outside which may be left open or closed, depending on the weather.  Caterers or anyone bringing food, decorations, or other supplies may drive right up to the barn for loading/unloading.  There is a hand washing sink in the catering room.  The nearest outdoor faucet is about 10 feet away from the northeast corner of the barn (near the storage room).  Guest restrooms are located in the house nearby, accessible from the back walkout basement door which faces the barn.  Occupants of the house have a separate full bathroom on the main floor.